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I don’t understand why Death gets lumped in with Supernatural villains. He’s the essence of neutrality. He doesn’t side with heaven or hell. His purpose is to get souls where they belong so they don’t become vengeful spirits. 

The only time he actively killed people was during the apocalypse and that’s because Lucifer had him bound. The other horsemen enjoyed wreaking havoc but Death had to be forced to do it. Isn’t that a clear indication that he’s not evil

Plus, he likes junkfood.

How could somebody liking junkfood be a villain.

Death loving junk food  is my favorite character trait because what do people always say to people who eat nothing but junk food? That stuff will kill you




daily reminder pepper potts took out every single big bad in all three iron man movies.


you know what i didn’t even fucking realize this until right now you go pepper potts four for you pepper potts

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